How To Show Respect To The Dolphins While Dolphin Watching

Dolphins are incredibly intelligent animals. They enjoy blowing bubbles, and they have a unique method of killing fish by stunning the fish with their tails. Sadly, though, dolphin populations are suffering due to air, water, and noise pollution. So if you plan on doing some dolphin watching, you'll want to make sure you do it responsibly. Here's how. Go out with a dolphin tour group. Instead of just renting a boat and going off to look for dolphins yourself, look for an official dolphin tour with a group.

FAQs About Swamp Airboat Rides

Riding an airboat through swamps, marshes, and streams is one of the most popular things for tourists to do when visiting a swampy area. On such a ride, you not only get a thrill from riding in the vehicle itself, but you also get to see and enjoy various swamp-dwelling creatures and plants. This is not something most people do more than a few times in their lives, and as such, you may have a couple of questions before you embark on your airboat tour.