FAQs About Swamp Airboat Rides

Riding an airboat through swamps, marshes, and streams is one of the most popular things for tourists to do when visiting a swampy area. On such a ride, you not only get a thrill from riding in the vehicle itself, but you also get to see and enjoy various swamp-dwelling creatures and plants. This is not something most people do more than a few times in their lives, and as such, you may have a couple of questions before you embark on your airboat tour.

1. How fast do the airboats go?

The speed of the airboats is part of their appeal. Although most are capable of going as fast as 100 miles an hour, you won't typically go this fast on a tour. Most drivers will power across the water at around 50 miles an hour when there are open areas, and when you're in the shallower, more enclosed parts of the swamp, you'll slow way down. Most rides are at a moderate pace with bursts of speed, but you can totally expect a thrill.

2. Will you get dirty? 

You'll probably get dirty. Some water and dirt inevitably get splashed up by the airboat, especially when traveling at speed. While you probably won't get soaked or overly disgusting, you should dress with the expectation of getting a little dirty.

3. How many people will be on the airboat?

Unless you book a private airboat ride, most people take larger groups out on tours together as a way of running things efficiently. There are several different sizes of airboats. The most common size fits about 20 people. If you do book a private tour, you may go out on a smaller boat that holds 6 - 8.

4. What safety precautions do airboat tour companies take?

Most airboats are fitted with metal rails that do a good job of making sure nobody ends up overboard, as long as they hold on and avoid climbing those rails. Passengers must also wear life jackets while on board, so if they do get tossed out of the boat for some reason, they do not drown. Since airboats are pretty loud, you may also be given a pair of earplugs to wear if you desire.

Now that you know a little more about airboat tours, you should be prepared for an exciting adventure. Grab a few friends, book your tour, and prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime thrill among the swamps.