Three Water Features That You Can Find On A Yacht

If you enjoy being out on the water, renting a yacht can give you a chance to cruise many different bodies of water in style. These vessels can also offer a variety of enticing water features that you can enjoy on board, whether you're taking a trip with your significant other, enjoying a family outing, or entertaining a large group of friends. When you visit a yacht rental company, you'll want to check out several boats so that you can see what water features are available. Here are three that you'll often come across. 

Swimming Pool

Many large yachts feature a swimming pool, and this space can provide lots of entertainment during your trip. Swimming pools are often situated on the upper deck so that they're in the full sun, which can add to the enjoyment of pool parties. You'll also see some pools that are partially indoors and partially outdoors, which can be ideal for swimming in inclement weather. You'll commonly have the choice of chlorinated water or saltwater, each of which offers its own advantages. Think about how you intend to use the pool on the yacht. For example, a long, rectangular shape can be ideal for someone who enjoys swimming laps.

Hot Tub

Another water feature that you'll find on a lot of yachts is a hot tub. If the boat has a swimming pool, it's common for the hot tub to be situated close to the pool or even connected to it. In other scenarios, the hot tub will be elsewhere in the boat to give it more privacy. For example, it might be located next to the main stateroom. Hot tubs are available in different sizes. If you expect that you and your travel partners will enjoy relaxing in the hot tub, you'll want to rent a boat that has a larger hot tub.

Whirlpool Bath

While you can expect to find one or more showers on the yacht, you may also encounter a whirlpool bath. This water feature gives you a private space to soak, and is often located so that you'll have a beautiful view out over the water as you relax. Whirlpool baths can be ideal for lots of people, but you might especially appreciate this feature if you occasionally suffer from sore muscles. You may find that a nightly soak during your yacht outing can alleviate pain and help you to enjoy the trip more.

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