How To Plan A Memorable Family Vacation At The Lake

Is this your family's first time to vacation at a lake? Perhaps you have done so before, but you are wanting to make the experience new and unique. Either way, from planning nature hikes to arranging for private sailing tours, here are some ideas on how to plan a memorable family vacation at a lake.

Make A Plan

Are you wanting to surprise your family with activities that you plan by yourself? Perhaps you want input from your spouse and children on ideas they have to make your lake experience a special one. Either way, think about making a plan ahead of time and putting your plan on paper. 

Establish the exact dates that you will be on your lake vacation. This will help you to know when to reserve accommodations. 

Think about the activities you want to do so you'll know the right items to bring.

For example, if your vacation includes going into town to eat at a nice restaurant, you'll want to bring appropriate clothes for that outing.

Write down extras that will be nice to have. For example, you may want things like binoculars or a camera that will take pictures underwater.

Mix The Old With The New

Think of things you've done in the past and then add new things to your list.

For example, you've probably all had the experience of swimming before and that is an activity you'll more than likely want to repeat every day.

You've probably been on nature hikes, too. But tweak the hike for this vacation by bringing drawing paper and pencils for each of you to try your hand at nature drawing.

If you've never been on a private sailing tour, that would be a wonderful activity for you to consider.

A private sailing tour will take you to places you'll love. For example, if there are nearby towns, you'll be able to see them both from the distance and close up.

Don't forget to bring journals for each of your family members. Reserve some time every evening while you're at the lake to record the activities that took place during that day. In addition, think about gathering all of your lake pictures when you return home and having the pictures made into a coffee table book. That would be an excellent reminder of the wonderful time your family spent at the lake. And, you might even want to use one of the pictures for your Christmas card.