How To Give Your Husband Who Loves To Fish A Great Birthday

Did you marry a guy who thinks that life is all about fishing? Do you share his love of the sport? Perhaps you aren't a big fan of fishing yourself and you have just accepted the fact that some times during the year you are simply a fishing widow. Whatever the case, if you have decided to give your husband a fishing-themed birthday, from planning a party to surprising him with a seven-day fishing trip to Costa Rica, here are some ideas that might help you to make your husband's next birthday the best one he's ever had. And you can even join him for the fun!

A Special Event

 Plan a party! Even if your husband doesn't act like he wants to be surprised, lots of time that's all it is — an act! Consider throwing your husband a surprise party complete with all of his best fishing buddies and their wives or girl friends.

Of course, you'll want to decorate with a fishing trip in mind. For example, for the centerpiece hang fishing lures from little trees and surround the trees with different kinds of fishing paraphernalia.

Think of hanging posters of popular fishing places. Include pictures of places like Alaska and Costa Rica. The one of Costa Rica will be a big clue to his birthday present, but don't give him the hint!

Serve a variety of main courses and sides. For example, make baked salmon and tilapia, but also offer something like chicken or little steaks for those who aren't fish lovers. For dessert, consider ordering a birthday cake in the shape of a fish.

The Gift

If you have decided to give your husband a marlin fishing trip in Costa Rica, you'll make him one of the happiest men in the whole wide world! And having you join him will be the frosting on the cake! The service that book the trip through may even help plan your flights and accommodations once you have arrived.

Depend on the service providing an experienced guide who will know where the best marlin and other types of fish can be caught.

Whether you will be joining your husband on his fishing expedition or not, there will be a lot of other things you can do. There will be shopping and visits to points of interest near your hotel.

Don't forget to take lots of pictures so that you can turn them into a book to give your husband for part of his Christmas present.