3 Things To Expect When Planning Your Bass Fishing Adventure To The State Of Kentucky

From the well-known Cumberland River in the mid-eastern part of the state to the Ohio River that borders the north, Kentucky is home to some of the most populated fishing spots in the country. If you are all about bass fishing, then making your way to the Bluegrass State for a sports fishing adventure could be just what you need. Just like with any other fishing adventure, it is imperative that you get to know a bit about the area before you grab your tackle and head out. Take a look at some of the things you should expect if you are planning a bass-fishing excursion in the state of Kentucky:

The locations for the best fishing opportunities will change depending on water temperatures. 

Kentucky has a pretty trademark set of seasons; cold and snow in the winter, hot summers, and mild springs and autumns with neutral temperatures. Because the life and breeding cycles of bass depend on water temperatures, it can mean that you will find bass in different parts of the various Kentucky lakes depending on the season. It can be difficult to know just where you should go for your best chance of landing a good catch, so reach out to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife for some guidelines according to the season. If you have hired a tour guide for your sports fishing outing, they will gladly take you to the right places. 

Weather patterns can change drastically, so be ready to move to follow the fish. 

Bass will relocate and move depending on the weather. In Kentucky, a crystal clear day can turn overcast and stormy pretty quick, especially during storm seasons through the spring and summer. Because of this, your fishing trip to Kentucky can be one that is diverse and changing even in a day's time. You could start out fishing along the shores for largemouth bass because it is sunny and the light is hitting the water to reflect on your lures, but you may be forced to switch up your plans at any given time, so be prepared to do so. 

Don't discount the bass fishing opportunities in smaller bodies of water. 

Kentucky is home to a long list of natural waterways, such as creeks, streams, and naturally formed ponds. Some of these waterways are just as rich in bass as the larger lakes and rivers. Therefore, taking along or renting a kayak, portable Jon boat, or another small paddle boat is a really good idea for your trip. 

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