Organize A Wine Tour For These Upcoming Gatherings

If you're in the early stages of planning a gathering and are looking for something creative to do, touring one or more wineries — and then sampling some products — might be perfect. Whether you have some wineries in your area or you want to go all out and have your group travel to a different state, a wine tour can be something that everyone in the group remembers for a long time. A winery tour outing is conducive to a number of different gatherings, including the following.

Bachelorette Party

Some bachelorette parties can get a little wild, but if you're looking for something that is fun without potentially being scandalous, a wine tour is the perfect choice. Getting together with the bride-to-be and a number of female friends, you can visit a winery and enjoy samples and even appetizers that pair well with the wine that you're drinking. Additionally, you'll often have a chance to walk through the vineyards that surround the winery, which is a pleasant way to spend a spring or summer day and can be highly conducive to photos.


It's nice to do something different for a milestone anniversary. Whether you want to simply enjoy a new outing with your spouse or you're planning a gathering that will involve several adult family members, a wine tour can be suitable. In addition to the relaxing time that everyone will get to spend together, as well as the opportunity to sample different bottles of wine, there are fewer better venues for making a toast to celebrate the occasion.

Class Reunion

When a class reunion occurs, it's nice to schedule this event around an outing. While you could technically book a restaurant or other similar venue for the reunion, giving people the opportunity to experience something instead of sit awkwardly across from people they haven't seen in a long time can be an ideal way to get people comfortable. A wine tour can be a perfect venue for the reunion. The group will get to walk around the winery and vineyard together, making small talk and enjoying the company of each other in a relaxing environment. Many wineries have banquet facilities on their sites, which means that you can then have a dinner — with many choices of wine — to further celebrate your class reunion. If you're interested in booking a wine tour for these or other events, contact a winery of your choice.