At The Conclusion Of Your Conference, Plan To Spend Some Time Poolside

One of the nice things about scheduling your next work-related conference at a local hotel is that you can use any of the on-site amenities. One such amenity that you'll want to consider is the outdoor pool — especially if you're visiting a higher-end facility that has a rooftop pool deck. While it's unlikely that any of your conference participants will don their bathing suits and hop into the water when the conference wraps up, it can be a good idea to take the short walk from the hotel conference room to the pool area at the conclusion of your meetings. Here's how you can approach this idea.

Have Some Refreshments Served

Meeting participants often enjoy unwinding at the conclusion of any conference, and a nice way to unwind is with some refreshments. Instead of having everyone hop into their vehicles and head back home, arrange for some social time around the pool. Create a menu with the hotel's food services team and have servers begin passing out finger foods for those gathered around the pool. Higher-end hotels' pool decks often have tables and chairs, so your conference participants can unwind with some snacks in this pleasant environment. Given that there's often a bar in this location, too, people can also buy drinks.

Arrange A Group Photo

While you might not be taking a group photo after each meeting you hold, those that you hold in a hotel are often bigger and feature a wider range of participants. As such, it's nice to document the occasion with a group photo — especially if you've had people travel a far distance to attend the event and the group won't be together again for a while. A pool deck presents a better environment for a photo, given the visually appealing surroundings and the natural light.

Have Some Fun

Now that the work is done, it's nice to wrap up the proceedings with a little fun. A pool deck is a perfect place in the hotel to enjoy the end of the day with the group. You might wish to hand out some awards, for example, if that's applicable with the nature of the get-together. The hotel can provide you with a podium and a sound system, and you can make some brief announcements about the awards and their winners, and then invite each winner up to receive his or her award and have a photo taken with you.