5 Reasons Why Trips Make Such Great Sales Incentives

If you're like most sales managers, you know that cultivating motivation among your sales staff can be a tricky process. For instance, you could decide to offer a state-of-the-art, brand new HD television to the person who makes the most sales within a specific period of time, but that does little to motivate those who simply don't care for TV or who already have a brand new HD model. You could always offer financial incentives beyond year-end bonuses, but money actually doesn't make the best motivator. Instead of simply paying out performance-based bonuses, consider using travel as an incentive instead. Here are five reasons why this makes sense. 

Travel Creates Loyalty 

Recognizing and appreciating employees for their good work by rewarding them with a travel experience creates a sense of loyalty that causes employees to be more engaged and productive. They'll also have memories and photographs of their trip to remind them of what a good employer you are. You can also keep the magic alive by posting photos in the office and on the company website. 

Travel Provides Team Building Opportunities

Sending your top sales performers on a group trip together creates shared experiences that result in a more productive team -- and you may also get a reduced corporate rate for booking a group trip. Activity-based outdoor trips such as deep sea fishing or lake fishing create bonding experiences that strengthen your group as a team. 

Travel Allows Employees the Chance to Relax and Rejuvenate

People who get enough relaxation make more productive employees. They're rested, refreshed, and able to put their all into their work instead of burned out and frazzled most of the time. 

Travel Is Something Everyone Loves 

Travel incentives are something that everyone can get on board with because they provide an experience instead of an object. You won't have to worry about employees not feeling inspired to try their best because they aren't interested in another television set or other similar items -- everyone loves to have the opportunity to go on a fun trip and get a break from work. 

Travel Expands Contacts

Very few people return from a fun vacation without having expanded their circle of contacts -- and those in the sales field understand that establishing contacts is an essential part of creating a successful career. 

Your local travel professional can provide more insight on best practices concerning using trips as a sales incentive program