Family Road Trip Advice

Are you planning the ultimate family roadtrip and you are planning to camp to save some cash? If so, you will need to take extra steps to ensure everyone has a good time, otherwise, the fun may stop as soon as the novelty wears off. The following are few ideas to keep things fun as you travel around the country:

Invest in a DC cooler

Good food often equals good spirits, so make sure you can provide the best. Eating out of cans can get boring fast, and barely cold food kept on melting ice can lead to food poisoning. DC coolers can be plugged into your car while you travel to keep food cold and safe. This will increase not just the repertoire of camping meals, but also improve the quality of the car snacks.

Get decent mattresses

A good night's sleep is a must, and the novelty of sleeping on the cold, hard ground wears off quickly. Fortunately, air mattress technology has come a long way in recent years. Modern versions pack up small but provide the same, if not more, comfort than your regular mattress at home. To make life easier, opt for one with a built-in pump that can be run by battery or plugged into your car's DC outlet. You can also get a separate pump that runs off batteries or DC power.

Stop often

Remember, a road trip is more about the experiences than getting there. Make time to pull off at all the interesting roadside stops to see historical markers, scenic overlooks, small town museums, the biggest ball of whatever – the list goes on. Everyone will be in much better spirits if they can get out and stretch their legs often. Plus, it often these roadside bits of Americana that make the trip most memorable.

Splurge on a hotel sometimes

For road trips of more than a couple of nights, a hotel stay may be just the thing to revive flagging spirits. Opt for one with plenty of onsite services. Laundry facilities or a washing service is a must so you can refresh your wardrobe. WI-Fi or a computer center can also be a welcome respite after roughing it at campsites. Don't overlook the power of a pool or onsite arcade, either, when it comes to getting kids to rediscover their sense of adventure. A couple of nights in a hotel to refresh both your belongings and the spirit can keep your road trip on track.

Family trips can make for important bonding time and plenty of memories, so make sure you plan for success.