Appreciate Wine In A Part Of The Country That Is Known For Its Popular Varieties And Vineyards

if you and a few of your co-workers are going to be attending a conference out of town that is located in a part of the country that is known for its fine wines and vineyards, take the time to appreciate the varieties of wines that are available once your business obligations have been handled by considering the following activities.

Visit A Vineyard To Learn About The Steps Necessary For Processing Wine

When making reservations at a hotel or inn in the destination city, ask about vineyards that are located nearby and research each facility to decide upon one to tour with your peers. Once your work duties have been satisfied, visit a vineyard and tour the grounds where grapes are grown and the building that is used to process bottles of wine. During a wine tour, you and your companions will acquire information about the climate that is necessary for grapes to grow, the grape-picking process, pulp removal, and additives that are needed to create each bottle of wine. 

Stop By Local Venues To Sample Fine Wines

Stop by several restaurants or taverns that serve wine and ask for a sampling of some of the most popular varieties. Order some appetizers or light meals for you and your counterparts to pair with the glasses of wine that were selected. Slices of cheese, crackers, vegetable slices, or homemade bread are some basic food items that may help complement each glass of wine that is ordered.

Take the time to sip wine slowly and ask your peers for their input, concerning each variety that is sampled. Once you and the others are satisfied with the amount of wine that was consumed, stop by a venue that sells bottles of wine to purchase a variety that can be enjoyed prior to heading home. 

Bring Along A Bottle Of Wine To Enjoy During An Outdoor Luncheon

Ask your co-workers if they would like to participate in an outdoor luncheon with you. A luncheon can be held on the grounds of the hotel or inn that you are staying in or at a local park that has an outdoor dining area. Before packing a bottle of wine to enjoy during the luncheon, inquire with the staff of the hotel, inn, or park to ensure that alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises. If so, pack a bottle of wine inside of a picnic basket, along with cups, sandwiches, potato salad, garden salad, and dessert.