Don't Choose A Deep Sea Fishing Charter Until You Check These Conditions

Deep sea fishing is an adventure you'll never forget. While freshwater and coastal fishing are great pastimes that can easily feed you and your family, the types and amounts of fish that you can catch while deep sea fishing are amazing. But what really makes the day a pleasure is the charter you're with.

Guides who know the area well and who know about the behavior of the fish you're looking for, plus a good boat, adequate supplies, and a great safety record, all make the day a fun one, even if you don't see that many fish. When choosing a charter to travel with, ask about the following issues to ensure you are heading in the right direction.

Ask About Storm Impacts on Trips

With hurricane season still going and producing some record-breaking storms, it's no secret that fish migration and feeding patterns may be off kilter for a while. However, the fish should eventually resume their regular travel patterns, enabling the charter to return to its normal fishing spots. However, the surface impacts from the storms may pose another issue, such as debris and off-limit areas. Double-check what the status is of the route the charter normally takes, and if the charter has to go into different areas, ensure the guides are familiar with the fishing conditions there.

Ask About Seasickness Remedies

Fishing charter boats travel relatively fast, so if you're particularly sensitive to rocking motions and tend to get seasick, you'll want to know what to do. Ask the charter if it brings seasickness medication with it on the trip, or if you're advised to take some before you go. You may also want to bring a remedy yourself, especially if there is a particular one that works very well for you.

Ask About Swimming Skill Requirements

The boat you're on should have lifejackets, and the guides should have an emergency procedure in place in case something happens to the boat. However, deep sea fishing is still done out at sea, so you're not exactly a few minutes' dogpaddle from the shore. Find out about what level of swimming skill you need. Obviously you will not be swimming back from the deep sea to shore, but you may need to know how to tread water efficiently, float on your back, and swim at least a little so that you can reach a rescue boat. The charter will let you know what its requirements are.

Verify Whether This Is Catch and Eat or Catch and Release

Finally, be sure you know what you're getting into. If you're hoping to catch some tasty fish for dinner, you don't want to choose a charter that follows a catch-and-release policy, because you're not keeping those fish. If you want to do sport fishing and plan to release everything, a boat where people are scaling fish and cleaning out fish guts might not be your favorite place to be.

Each charter you contact should be able to point you toward their policies and will answer your questions. Choose the one that matches your goals and that makes you feel safe.Visit a site like for more help.