Three Fun Educational Travel Experiences For A Gradauting College Student

Sometimes you might want to turn a vacation into an educational experience. There are lots of interesting destinations that you can choose from that are not only a great place to relax while on vacation, but will also provide you with some cool learning opportunities. You will find that there are places that have lots of historic and cultural sights to see, so you can experience a great relaxing vacation as well as learn some cool things and see some exciting cultural landmarks and interesting and educational sights.  Here are three examples of places you might want to visit.

The Local Trip: Washington, D.C.

You don't have to travel far outside the United States to see some interesting and beautiful sights. Washington, D.C. is home to some of the nations most interesting sights. It's the capital, and is home to historically importance monuments and buildings. Of course there is the White House, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial. You can take educational tours of the capital, or explore it on your own. There are also really wonderful hotels to stay at with four star dining experiences. And you can see some wonderful trees and beautiful sights on the National Mall.

The Artistic Trip: Italy

If you are someone who is really into arts and culture, especially paintings and churches, then Italy is a perfect place to visit. You will be able to experience some of the most culturally interesting sights in all of Europe. Everything from medieval churches to gorgeous Renaissance paintings. If you're someone who has always wanted to see classic sculptures up close, impressive outdoor spaces such as the many palazzo's. and breathtaking churches such as the Sistine chapel, then you will love Italy. There are many educational tours of the country that will take you from one sight to another with guides leading the way so that you get to experience

The Historic Trip: Greece

If you are someone who is interested in classic architecture and want to experience huge sights up close that you've only seen on television, then Greece is the perfect spot. You can find an educational tour that will take you around the worlds most famous architecture: the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and many temples. The cool thing about these sights is that you don't have to explore them on your own. You can choose a travel package that will hook you up with a group of other travelrs who are going to Greece for the sights and you will all get to travel around with a group leader who has the expertise to show you what you need to know to appreciate the experience.

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